Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey there lovelies. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyable Sunday. Mine was JAM PACKED and full of excitement, wonder, fun, sun and(unfortunately, some beer, BAD ILDIE.... BAD!!!). I woke up super early and IMMEDIATELY poured myself a huge cup of coffee. OH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH COFFEE! You complete me! Nick wanted to make some German potato salad to take his dad's 50th surprise Birthday party, BUT he was still in bed. So I started working on it for him. BAH... MEN! I cut up the bacon and cooked that up in some olive oil and started to boil the red skinned potatoes. When the bacon was done, I removed them from the oil and sauteed some red and yellow onions in the bacon grease (healthy right???) It was at about this time that Nick decided to get up and join the bacon party in the kitchen. He took over like he was in charge! Even though I did the worst part of it already, I gladly handed him the spoon and said, have at it little soldier, all yours.

So while he stirred some potatoes in boiling water (you know, cooked!) I decided to whip up some pumpkin, banana pancakes. I wanted to make sure to eat something substantial before we left. I had no idea what anyone else was taking and obviously I would NOT be consuming any of the bacon fat smothered German potato salad. Maybe someone will bring a veggie tray and some hummus? Would I be that lucky? Anyways, the pancakes were delicious as usual. You already know the basic recipe so I won't bore you.

After breakfast I hurried upstairs, cleaned up, got dressed, brushed the teeth and we were out the door. We had to be at his dads new lake house by noon. Get this, we were ten minutes late and beat them there. So I guess we did good right? His dad, step mom, younger brother, his girlfriend and another friend showed up a few minutes later. We hung out at the house for about 2 hours, wasting time while the rest of the relatives and friends were at the clubhouse setting everything up. Mr. Beer accidentally crossed paths with me and found its way into my mouth. Sneaky Mr. Beer. Damn you for tasting so delicious! While I enjoyed Mr sneaky beer, the boys played some cornhole.

I love their new house by the way. Check it out. I would have taken pictures of the inside but it's being remodeled so I didn't bother.

As the time neared, we started hinting that perhaps we should go for a walk to "check out the neighborhood". His dad completely fell for the suggestion. They wrapped up cornhole (while I enjoyed beer #2, I'm being naughty) and we were off.

The clubhouse was close and we walked there in a matter of minutes. I love this neighborhood. So pretty.

When we walked into the clubhouse, he had no idea what was going on, it was awesome. The place is so nice. Nothing like I expected. The family had it decorated all nice and there was food everywhere.

HOWEVER. I SAW NO VEGGIES... NO FRUIT... OMG... NOOOOOOO! Good thing I brought this emergency stash. Yes, I travel with food sometimes. :)

They did have some hummus, so that was awesome. I had to have them with pretzels though. Better that than crackers I guess. I also managed to find a hidden tray of sandwiches. I quickly grabbed a turkey one. No mayo, no cheese and no other funny stuff. Brilliant!

I was also forced to drink this. Rude and pushy people keep forcing me to drink this trash. What's wrong with them? HA! I'm so horrible..... I had 3 of these before we left the party. It's been exactly 32 days since I've had beer. So I will allow it. It will probably be that long again before I have another.

Here is the Birthday Boy. :)

The party went on for about 4 hours then we went back to the lake house for some fishing and more cornhole. OMG, I am a master jedi fishing genious. I caught three fish. HAHAHAHA! They love me. Here is one of them.

However, I may have murdered one by accident while attempting to toss it back into the water. The end of the backyard is lined with concrete blocks and in my attempt to toss Mr. fish back into the water, I threw it HARD right into this slab of cement. I AM A MURDERER! :-O

After fishing the boys played more cornhole. I just sat there like a lump of ____ while I waited for the night to end. HA! I was getting worn out. I blame the beer!

Before we knew it, 9:00 PM was upon us. I was getting sooooo tired. Long day, too much beer, not enough food. I grabbed the apple out of my purse and consumed it in a matter of a minute. SO HUNGRY! MUST GO HOME!

We finally said our goodbyes at about 9:30. Exhausted, yet happy, we were finally on our way home. YAY. I was so happy, I snapped this picture. Look at my eyes, all glossy with sleep. Or is that hunger? Perhaps the beer?

When I got home I quickly made sandwich with skinny bread, turkey and lettuce and tossed some grapes and cantaloupes on the side. This did the trick. I felt much better.

Then I quickly got online to share my busy day with all of you fabulous people. Now I must go to bed. Work tomorrow beckons me to sleep. I DUNWANNA GOOOOO, NOOOOO!

Ok goodnight all. I hope we all have a fabulous Monday tomorrow!!!

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