Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tickled pink.

Tickle me pink, it's already Thursday! This week is flying by. And somehow I managed to stay afloat in the turbulent sea of insane idiots. It got to me a bit, but after letting it ALL out on the phone with my folks, (sorry Mama & Papa), I felt better. I'm sure their ears were bleeding. I should wash my mouth out with soap!!! Breathe in, breathe out.... Breathe in, breathe out. Now relax..... OOOOHHHMMMMMMMM.....

Now lets move on to some happy, foodie type yum-yum talk shall we? For breakfast today I enjoyed a wheat English muffin with fat free blackberry jam, a sugar free applesauce and a weary cup of coffee. I sensed danger in the air first thing this morning and thought it best to keep my door shut. I wanted to trap my happiness inside my safe little office. HA!

And now let's move on to lunch shall we? I had a cabbage in a La Tortilla wrap and some kiwi on the side. Simple, pretty and delicious. This filling is so super easy to make. Buy a bag of coleslaw mix and toss it in a large pan with some Pam spray. Or olive oil if you're a NO NONSENSE REBEL. Add a dash of soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and srirachi sauce for heat. You could use red pepper or cayenne or anything else to add the heat. I just love the flavor of srirachi. I also cut up three green onions and tossed them in the mix. Then you simply cook it on low heat till tender. Done! This is also delicious with chicken strips tossed in the wrap but I didn't have any so I made due with what I had.

At lunch Ann and I once again ventured to scary super Wal-Mart because the place is Oikos Greek Yogurt heaven. They have all the varieties we love, including the 4oz 4 packs. So we braved the special dressed, redneck, permanent eyebrow tattooed, dirty, scary crowd for the goods. We've got to have them. It's like rich, smooth and creamy crack. MMMMM....

Speaking of creamy crack, my afternoon snack was, yep, you guessed it, Oikos Green yogurt with blackberries and grapes. It was tasty... And now I want more.... More.... MORE!!!!!

T-H-U-R-S-D-A-Y-S are amazing because they = triceps and chest day at the gym. I'm not sure if my weekly excitement over this is getting annoying yet or not. Is it? Do I really care if it is? Nah, I don't!!!! It won't stop me because I love this day the most! Not a lot of people can say they LOVE exercising at all so yeah, this is a good thing. We worked our little butts off. Well wait, Ann worked her little butt off and I worked my big butt off. Then we called it a day. ;)

For dinner I wanted to keep it simple. Grilled cheese and tomato soup sounded good. It was rather cool in the house so having soup seemed like an excellent idea. I decided to make my grilled cheese with fat free Swiss slices instead of American. I love Swiss cheese. Nick thinks it smells like baby puke and tastes like spoiled milk. Uhm, no it doesn't. He's crazy. CRAZY! It was delicious!!!

For a quick snack later I enjoyed a Jell-O Mousse again. Why? Because they are amazing little cups of luscious love that's why!!

Now it's time to watch The Office for a little bit and then go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday, which means weigh in day. I need my beauty rest before I step on the scary scale. Wish me luck! Goodnight. ;)

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janetha said...

ohh grilled cheese and tomato soup is the best! i ate it 24 days in a month once.

and hooray for your blog letting me comment now! i kept trying!


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