Saturday, September 12, 2009


Ever have one of those days where you wake up tired and for the rest of the day you feel like you're trying to catch up? Like you're running around yet everything is in slow motion? There was SO much going on today that before I knew it, 10:00 PM rolled around and I'm still waiting on dinner to come out of the oven. Sigh! I was up till 1:00 AM last night and I was up at 8:00 AM. Half comatose and half dreading the day. OK, ENOUGH SELF WALLOWING!

For breakfast today I had coffee and the usual pancakes with a banana added to the batter. I bathed the decadent round and moist cakes in fat free syrup, let them swim around for a while (while I photographed the crap out of them) and then dove in. I am telling you, this pancake recipe was one of the best things I've come across which keeps eating healthy food exciting. Comparable to dessert yet good for you! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!

After breakfast it was off to the gym for the Saturday usual, leg day. We met there at 10:30 and the gym was empty, which we prefer. Not that I mind it when people are there but it's nice to be there when it's basically me and Ann, and maybe 3 other people. No threat of having to wait on a machine etc... And for ONCE the Leg Press was weight free. RARE INDEED! We both took full advantage of it and worked our legs till they were on fire. Oh wobbly legs, you're pathetic weakness makes me so giddy. Sometimes I look like a drunk when we're leaving. As if stairs were my enemy, I glide down them gently while grabbing the railing to insure no injury.

Right after the gym we visited the folks. We went on Saturday this time since I have plans tomorrow. A surprise 50th Birthday Party for Nick's dad at the clubhouse by their new lake house. The folks were sitting on the front porch, swinging away when I pulled up. OH AREN'T THEY SO CUTE? They were so glad to see me they started crying. No, not really but they should have damn it. I'm amazing! My lunch was a small pile of sweet butter lettuce, baby scallops that I cooked with green onions and mushrooms before I left for the gym (YEAH, my morning was busy, thanks for asking) with Arnold's Sandwich Thins.

After lunch we enjoyed a nice Cup O' Joe and THE BATTLE OF THE SORRY-A-THON began with a bang. Pleading, crying, weeping and threatening filled the room. Strategies were formed and plans were crumbled. And do you know what the best part of it was? This!! HAHAHAHA~ (6 and older, amazing...)

I got home at about 4:00 PM and decided, hey, I think I'll completely re-arrange my bedroom furniture for I AM MIGHTY, STRONG and an undercover interior decorator extrordinaire!!! I was at it for over two hours. I moved everything around and cleaned (yay) until everything looked brilliant and I felt satisfied. By this time, I was tired as all heck so I ran a bath and relaxed for a bit. As I was getting out, I heard Nick pulling into the garage. He was at a family reunion that I chose not to attend. I had too much going on. As with all last minute men, he wanted me to go shopping with him for his dad's Birthday tomorrow. YEAH, TOMORROW!! So I got dressed and off we went. We ran to TJMax and found nothing. JC-Penney, nothing! Bed Bath and beyond, to return something (fun!). Lowes, JACKPOT! He purchased a dremel set. Of course we picked this up after strolling through the ENTIRE STORE, looking for NOTHING in particular. And to make it worse, I was hungry!

We got back at about 9:00 PM and I was craving veggies. So I peeled some fresh carrots, beets, cut up a purple onion and a potato. Seasoned them with dill, basil, salt, pepper and a little Pam. I also seasoned a pack of chicken breasts the same way and baked both in the oven, for what I thought would only be 40 minutes or so. STUPID vegetables took almost and hour and a half. I was close to nibbling on my own fingers by the time they were tender enough to eat. Here is the end result of my two hour ordeal.

I was done eating by about 11:00 PM and I hate eating this late! And now I'm posting this blog and wrapping it up at about midnight. Like I said, I had a long and busy and tiring day. Now I'm going to wrap things up, cuddle with Mr. Crazy for a while and go to bed. I'll be back tomorrow. Hopefully the surprise party will be a blast!

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