Friday, September 25, 2009

Stick a fork in it already!

It's Friday! OMG IT'S FRIDAY! YAY! Ladies and gentlemen, I know you're all dying to know how much weight I lost so let me get right to it. I only lost .9 lbs. SIGH! All is well though. Not giving up. Me and Mr. Stupid Scale will keep going rounds as long as it takes and I will be the victorious one. I've been down this path before. It's winding, mazelike, annoying and long but I know the way out. I HAVE NO FEAR! Only slight annoyance which is the fuel that only pushes me harder! Ok, now on to the eats.

For breakfast today I had Oikos Greek yogurt with a Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookie. I'm back to the plain Oikos. I missed it so!!!! This was a tasty mix. I washed it down with a gulping huge cup of coffee and all was well in the world.

This week I plan to up the water consumption. I don't know why I find it so difficult to drink more water. I was doing much better a few weeks ago and then started slipping again. Stupid ellusive water bottle. You can't beat me! You can't HIDE! I WILL and CAN drink more out of your hot pink sexy self. Today is the day!! Today I will start drinking at least a gallon a day. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! Therefore, yes, yes I can!

We had a luncheon at work today for reaching a monthly goal last month. As my luck would have it, food I can't eat is my thanks for a job well done. HA! I stumbled up there last. I watched people pile ridiculous amounts of food onto their plates. Pasta dishes, pepperoni bread, some sort of sausage dish, rolls, pizza and cookies. Good grief. Nothing was healthy! I smiled, I nodded, I stared at the clock and about 3-5 minutes after I walked in, I quietly slithered out. They were making me hungry!

While working at an INCREDIBLE SPEED, I also prepped my salad at my desk and took bites between emails. Which I basically find myself doing everyday. That's why Ann and I always force a break after we eat. We never go out to eat so our weird method seems to work well for us. And as usual, my salad was tasty and smothered in my very favorite Greek dressing. :)

For our break today we were on a mission of SECRECY! Unfortunately I can't discuss details just yet. Someone who reads this blog has a certain Anniversary coming up so my lips are sealed. HI PAPA! :-P

For my afternoon snack I tried a NuGo bar. The yogurt vanilla version. It was pretty darn good and left me feeling nice and full for hours. I was going to have it with tea but I couldn't seem to walk away from my desk long enough to make a cup. So ready for this weekend already.

(Insert whimpering cries of joy here....). I found myself finally leaving work at about 5:30. I ran to the grocery store, purchased a bunch of yummy stuff and then flew home. Like the day hadn't been long enough, I opened the fridge to put things away and decided to empty and clean out the whole freaking thing. What is wrong with me?? Why can't I just sit down and relax? Nick came wandering downstairs after hearing a bunch of shuffling, sighs and complaining to investigate but I was already done and cleaning up. He hugged me with a concerned look on his face and of course I was instantly better. However, when he mentioned that we should eat soon because it was 8:00 pm I almost passed out. Good grief, I had no idea it was getting that late. Stupid day, I'm so glad you're almost over!!

We quickly pulled a team effort and prepped dinner. As you all know, it was TACO SALAD NIGHT. We whipped the meals out in what seemed like a blink of an eye and I was finally able to sit down for the first time today and RELAX. Taco salad = LOVE! It was so good! Hits the spot every time.

After dinner we curled up and watched a little House M.D. We're almost through the 2nd season. WOW! Then Nick went upstairs to play a bit on his computer and to give me some "blog" time. He has a friend he plays online games with like once a week. It's perfect. I get some Ildie time and he gets to play etc... He's such a cute little nerd. If he reads this I will get tickled to death. HAHAHA! I made a little snack later. I was craving something sweet. I had a chocolate rice cake, red grapes and concord grapes. I walked past the somewhat pricey concords today at the grocery store and couldn't resist! Oh they are SO tasty. MM!

Okay my lovelies, that's all I have for the day. It's nearing midnight and I'm exhausted. I'm going to get off here and see if I can pry Nick away from his shiny, bright and magical computer screen. Goodnight!!

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janetha said...

oh my god, you had me cracking up with the elusive bottle! awesome. that greek yogurt mess looks delicious. and hey, a loss is better than a gain, right?! props!


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