Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pissed and exhausted, bad combo!

Hi everyone. Today has not been a very pleasant day and I'm just happy to be home. I refuse to dwell on the details or elaborate. It will just stress me out again.

Anyways! Now it's time to discuss FOOD! For breakfast I had oats again, but this time with a banana and some cinnamon and splenda. Not bad, but I think I like the blueberries much better.

My lunch today was something new as suggested by Miss Meals & Moves. I had high expectations but was left feeling a bit down. Taste wise it was so so. What did me in was how I felt after eating it. I found it hard to even finish it (packed way too much for lunch) and once I ate what I could, it felt like a brick sitting in my guts for a few hours. Or maybe that was the stress I was under? HA! Either way, I doubt I'll be making it again. Sorry Meals & Moves. Your other suggestions are amazing though! :)

Ann and I did manage to sneak out for a bit to get some fresh air. We checked out a local farm for their fresh fruits and veggies. I forgot my camera so I can't show you the place but what I got is in the picture below. The stuff there looked amazing. We got some hot peppers, orange tomatoes, baby watermellons and some mild-hot yellow peppers. The amount we got was insane and it only cost us $11. We will be back!

For dinner I made breaded Tilapia fillets using egg whites and bead crumbs and then I baked them in the oven with some Pam. On the side we had a packet of instant mash (long day, tired, best I could do) and some green beans mixed with garlic, soy sauce and dried cranberries. I love these green beans!! TRY THEM!

For a nice little late night snack I had a glass of chocolate Almond Breeze and a Kashi cookie.

Well folks, that's it for the day. Have a goodnight.

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