Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Super Simple Soupy Saturday.

So guess what? The late night caramel latte last night WAS a BAD idea. I was up till almost 3:00 AM. I attempted to go to bed at 2:00 but it took me at least another hour to fall asleep. I slept in until 10:00 AM which is super late for me. I hate starting the day already feeling behind. Not to mention that I was expecting to have a busy day. It started with laundry, coffee and the loving task of making two sets of breakfasts. Multitasking is FUN! (I lie a lot...) I made Nick hashbrowns and scrambled eggs, his favorite. I made myself blackberry, banana and cinnamon pancakes with fat free syrup. I've never had this combo before and it was delicious. Of course I enjoyed with a nice large cup of coffee. I NEEDED TO WAKE UP!

After breakfast I unloaded the first load of laundry and tossed in the second. OH WHAT FUN! Then I threw some clothes on and Nick and I ran to AutoZone to get some parts for my piece of ___ car. He was going to give me an oil change and after looking over my suspension, I needed a ball joint. I think that's what it was. Honestly, I'm not sure. Listening to Nick talk about cars is like listening to Cantonese or Lebanese. I never know what the heck he's saying. I just nod and smile and say, sure, sure a lot... When we got back he started on my car and I changed into my work out gear. I decided to work out out at home today since Ann was out of town. I also couldn't leave because Nick was working on my car. I purchased this bike about 3 years ago and the poor baby never gets any love. I decided to give the old Gal a go today.

I did 30 minutes of cardio, worked on my fanny pack (also known as my abs) and my shoulders a bit with some free weights. The entire workout lasted about an hour and let me tell you what, I was BEAT and smothered in sweat. Oddly enough I never sweat this much at the gym. ???

Now it was time to experiment with some ingredients yet again. I planned to make some soup for a LATE lunch using low sodium, low fat chicken stock, carrots, peas, mushrooms, lima beans and thin rice noodles. I never really make soup but I had planned to play around with it today. Cool weather is around the corner and I love a good soup on a chilly day. Guess what? It turned out super yummy! Yep, this is going into the recipe bin. Couldn't have been easier either. I also seasoned it with some sea salt, pepper, cayenne and garlic powder to give it more depth. Ta Daaaaaaaa! Such a pretty dish!

After our late lunch we decided to run to Home Depot to grab some light bulbs and some basic basement light fixtures. Two of the five we have in our basement aren't working right and Nick was looking for a little project to do tomorrow wile I visit the folks. While there, we walked down almost every isle and fantasized about things we wish we could afford to do to the house. Such as build a deck, get new windows, new interior doors, new exterior doors, add a kitchen back splash, redo the kitchen and bathroom tile floors etc... The list just went on and on. I LOVE HOME DEPOT! Nick likes to rub in that he's handy and willing to tackle and try any project. I assured him that I would love to let him and that I would love to help. However, money is the obstacle and unfortunately it's a huge obstacle. SCREW YOU BAD ECONOMY!

After we got home I took a hot bath. I was FREEZING all of sudden. Then we curled up to watch Drag Me To Hell. My face was covered by a blanket or a pillow for most of the movie and I kept jumping and gasping like an idiot. It was pretty good and had some stomach turning must look away moments. Always good when it comes to a scary movie.

I was starving again by the time the move was over so I dove right in and made chicken fajitas. I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts, green peppers, purple onions and fajita seasonings. I also made a yummy side out of black beans, red onions, cilantro, cayenne, salt, pepper, lemon juice and corn. Another experiment that just so happened to turn out delicious.

I love Mexican food!! I miss going to El Rincon (Local Mexican place up the street) so much! Can't do it though! Their dishes are so bad for you! My mock versions are delicious, not the same, but damn delicious!

Nick is passed out next to me and is snoring my ears off. Long day for the both of us I guess. I'm officially struggling to keep me eyes open. Goodnight everyone. I'm off to sweet, sweet slumbertown.

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gail said...

Love your blog! I eat very similar to you, but if you read my blog you'd think I only ate desserts! hehe. Ummmm no. I have to kinda earn it right?


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