Sunday, September 6, 2009

A fish named Fred...

Happy Sunday, hey-hey. Today was fun and full of food experiments, games, family, romance and mystery. Just a typical day for a Hungarian Gangster such as myself. HA! No but seriously, today was fun. I woke up, had my morning candy (AKA coffee sweetened with splenda, cream and love) and then snuggled with my kitty (Oliver)for a while. We never go to the gym on Sunday so it was nice to just lounge around. I read some of my fitness magazines and did absolutely nothing. It was glorious! For breakfast I tried something new. Well sort of. I made a half serving of my usual pancakes, recipe below. To jazz things up I cut the pancakes into bite sized pieces and made a healthy protein packed parfait. I layered the pancakes, Greek yogurt and some fresh blueberries in a large wine glass. People, this was amazing! I was full for HOURS!

(1/2 pancake recipe)
1/4 cup oats
2 eggwhites
2 packets splenda
dash cinnamon
dash baking powder
(blend and pour)

Then it was off the see the folks. Ahhhhh, the folks. So special they are. ;) Constant amusement! We meet every Sunday to hang out and have lunch together. Then we play Sorry. Yes, we do this EVERY Sunday. And NO, we don't care that the game is for children 6 or older. HA! The folks were eating something very Hungarian. I forget the name Papa, please forgive me. It smelled delicious.

Ann and I took our own food. Ann made a healthy and simple refried bean quesadilla topped with healthy cheese, sour cream and green onions.

I took the vegan chili I had left over from yesterday's dinner and poured that over some fresh spinach leaves and topped it with sour cream and green onions. I don't know if this mix of foods was weird and I don't much care. It was tasty and fresh.

After we ate we sipped on coffee and busted out the Sorry. As usual the folks were at war with each other and to regain the wife's faith, my Papa tried seduction. However, his conniving ways did not fool anyone. Not even for a second! Mr. Smooth Operator...

I spent a few hours visiting and then headed home to EXPERIMENT with some new foods and some new cooking methods. I was going to grill dinner again tonight since it was so nice out. I decided to tackle a whole Tilapia and corn on the cob on the grill. BUT WAIT, this wasn't enough. I also planned to grill prune plums with cinnamon and splenda for dessert and and make Bulgur for the first time mixed with yellow squash. Oh, and I also grilled some chicken breasts for tomorrow. YEAH, I'm that good.....

Meet Fred. He had such sad, damp little eyes that I felt compelled to name him.

Poor little tasty guy had no clue what was coming! I sprinkled him with salt, pepper, curry, lemon and dill seasoning, stuffed some onions inside him and under him and wrapped him in a foil pouch. While I was prepping Fred the corns were soaking in the sink. MMM, I can't wait.

I preheated the grill and after 10 minutes threw everything on. While the grill was going I also put the Bulgur on. In all honesty I'm not even sure what it is but a lot of the Blogs I follow rave about it so I thought, yeah sure, I'll try it.

20 minutes or so later everything was done. Fred looked delicious, the plums smelled sweet, the corn looked good, the chicken was juicy and the Bulgur, well that looked weird.

Dinner was tasty though. Cooking a whole fish is much tastier then just the fillet. The corn was crisp and sweet and the Bulgur, though sort of bland was not that bad. It was a bit dry. I need to do more research on different ways to cook it.

For dessert Nick topped some vanilla bean ice cream with the hot plums. I mixed mine with a chocolate rice cake (weird I know) and a tiny bit of fat free whip. Pretty good.

So all in all, everything turned out good. Now I have to go and hang out with this character. :)


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