Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tantalizing Tuesday,

Happy Tuesday everyone! Chipper is the word today! I find myself still in a good mood. Very rare for me to have a long streak of joy-joy thoughts rampant in my brain so I'm enjoying every single second. Woke up, on time. I could barely believe it. AND I felt rested. I usually wake up about 20 minutes after I should every day and then run around like a maniac all morning. However, this morning was smooth sailing.

-Breakfast, lunch and snack for the day were packed last night----CHECK
-Gym bag was packed last night----CHECK
-Outfit for the day was picked out which meant there was no closet diving in the dark so Nick could sleep----CHECK
-Made sure the cat had plenty of cereal and water for the day last night----CHECK
(I feel like I'm in a parallel universe or something)

Seriously, I even cooked up some egg whites last night so I could have it today at work. And you know what? It was a brilliant plan. Breakfast was so good!! I made two open face English muffin, egg white and cheese sandwiches. AHHHHHHHHHHHH, tasty-tasty!

I also had an extremely happy cup of coffee...

My lunch was equally delicious today. I had a small microwaved potato with spray butter and leftover stir fry vegetables on the side. Odd mix I know but it was spicy and flavorful. I was stuffed. I took a green apple to work too but I was too full to eat it.

Ann and I took an EXTREMELY EXCITING and AMAZING lunch break today. We were about to embark on a GRAND and dangerous journey. Ann even checked her oil before we left, you know, just in case.

Random - I tied her jump rope to her steering wheel. Every time I get in her car I sit on this stupid thing. MWUHAHAHAHAHA! Te-heeee!

I'm telling you, lunch was so much fun that I'm jumping out of my seat while typing out these very words. It was WILD, RISKY and REBELLIOUS! We drove halfway across town, through a torrential downpour, through fire, through hail, through a pack of Ferrel dogs. So in other words, we drove to CVS so Ann could pick up her prescription. Oddly enough her Dr. called in the wrong meds so it was a wasted trip. Oh the irony. :) We were close to Ann's apartment so we decided to run there for a bit instead and visit her fat little tiger of a cat, Pepper. LOOK AT HER. Fat, hairy, squishy, plump little ball of fur. I LUV HER! We tortured and loved on her for just a bit, can you tell? She looks annoyed here. Out little hairy supermodel!

For my afternoon snack I finally tried a Luna bar. I had the Smores version. I kept seeing them on blogs so I thought I would check them out. Good decision on my part, it was tasty. I had it with a cup of tea. :)

The gym was just so-so today. It was MUGGY as heck in there. Ann and I both felt disgusting 10 minutes after we started working out. GROSS. I can't wait for cooler weather to get here already. Which just sounds crazy coming from me. I love summer.

For dinner today I decided to make pork loin. I seasoned it with oregano, dill, garlic salt and orange juice. It turned out super juicy and tender. We had it with glazed carrots and mashed potato (yes, the instant stuff, it was getting late). It was all delicious. We both love glazed carrots. :)

Ok, enough yapping. I must bid you goodnight. I need snuggle time. BYE!

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