Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hit the jackpot at GE!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. Hope your day has been a bit more enjoyable than mine. Mine started with an onslaught of emails and a delicious bowl of oatmeal made with old fashioned oats, dried cherries, pumpkin pie spice and a banana. It was a crappy, dull and damp morning out so it hit the spot perfectly. It was nice and warm and sweet. YUM! I like the addition of the dried cherries!!!

Immediately after breakfast I ran over to the building next door to my office for a dental cleaning. I should add that I've been avoiding this like the plague and was overdue by about 6-8 months. Of course in typical "Ildie is cursed" fashion it turned into more than just a cleaning appointment. I guess I had a TEENY TINY cavity that was on a tooth they had marked as (keep your eye on this one) from my last visit. WTF? Why not fix it when you first noticed something? Why keep an eye on a problem that will not go away own its own anyways? BAH! Anyways, my 40 minute cleaning appointment turned into over an hour and a half. There was a cancellation so they squeezed me in to fix the small cavity right after my cleaning. I was given 3 shots (yes 3!!!) to numb the area. My crazy, adorable, grey haired little dentist was digging back there for EVER. My jaw felt like it was about to break and fall off. Open wider Ildie, even wiiiider... NO, damn it!! It hurts and I swear I heard something pop! I mean good grief!! He said it was a minuscule tiny little cavity! I have no idea what took so long.

By the time I got back it was nearing lunch time. Just ONE minor problem with that! The left side of my mouth, face and jaw were completely numb. I could barely talk without biting my own tongue, which felt like a swollen choking hazard. I was thirsty but found it impossible to drink without the water dribbling down my numb face. Clearly eating right now was not going to happen.

My cute little polka dot lunch bag was teasing me. OHHH lunch bag. I want to explore you and eat your delicious hidden goodies so bad! UGH!

I hurried Ann up with her lunch, which was apparently DELICIOUS (grrr, so hungry) so we could get out of the office for a bit. She eats slow as heck. It was nearing 1:00 now and I was close to nibbling on my own fingers. I needed a distraction.

We decided to run to Giant Eagle to check out their organic section and to look for a few other items. I FINALLY found some chicken sausages! YAY! I never shop Giant Eagle but they had several varieties from Al Fresco. I decided to purchase the roasted garlic version. I plan to have it soon and it BETTER be good!

I also picked up some NuGo nutrition bars. I saw an article on them and they were rated very high for flavor as well as nutritional value. Hopefully they are tasty. I will have one soon and let you know. :)

Speaking of tasty treats, check out my tower of yum yum goodies. Ahhhhhhhh, do you hear that? I swear I hear the sound of angels singing every time I gaze upon its beauty.

Sometimes I snack at night after dinner or I take a treat to work with me. Not every day though so this stuff will last me months. I also picked up something new from Jello-O. I walked past them and felt incapable of resistance. It's some sort of sugar free, 60 calorie Mousse. I plan to have one later tonight and I can't WAIT!

And then it was back to work. My afternoon was nice and quiet. I welcome change. I was STARVING by the time we got back so I quickly prepped my tasty salad. I made it with sweet butter lettuce, grape tomatoes, black beans, Melba bagel toasts and honey ginger dressing. The salad was gone in about 4 minutes flat. I don't even think I stopped to breathe. Chewing was a bit painful because of the jaw but I worked through the pain! HA!

I also enjoyed a diet cranberry/splash Sierra Mist that we grabbed at Giant Eagle. Hey, this is tasty. You should try it!

For a quick afternoon snack I had a small serving of blackberries courtesy of the lovely Ann. There was no way I was going to even attempt eating the crunchy apple I brought for a snack today.

It was shoulder and cardio day at the gym. The place was nice and quiet today which is always nice. We worked our shoulders first for about 30 minutes and then quickly busted out our usual cardio and called it a day. I was somewhat sluggish today. I don't think I had enough sleep past night. I better get to bed earlier tonight!

I wanted to keep dinner simple, healthy and quick but I didn't have anything planned out. While gawking into my fridge and freezer I found myself reaching for the always delicious Morning Star Farms meal starter. I'm in love with this stuff. I whipped up a quick burrito type filling with the morning star, black beans and taco seasoning. Couldn't be easier. I stuffed it into a La Tortilla wrap and topped it with lettuce, tomato and sour cream. Done and done!

After dinner I found myself craving something sweet so I grabbed one of those new pudding mousse cups to try. Ladies and Gentlemen. This is an URGENT announcement. Jell-O Mousse is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Hurry to your nearest grocery retailer, find them, buy them and consume them immediately! I topped mine with a little fat free whip... YUUUUUUUM!

And now I'm sleepy so buh-bye...... ;)

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