Monday, September 14, 2009

Another day in paradise.

Hello everyone. Hope you're all doing fantastically well today. My journey towards not loathing Mondays at work, eating right and staying fit traveled down a windy road today. It started out rough this morning but it turned out to be a lovely day. This morning started out with one of my favorite healthy, chocolaty, mushy, warm and decadent breakfasts. Coco, cinnamon and splenda sweetened old fashioned oats with a banana. Oh so good. Scary looking but don't let that fool you. It's yum yum!

For lunch today, I enjoyed a tasty sandwich made with Arnold Sandwich Thins, turkey, lettuce, mild green pepper and a few squirts of Wishbone Ranch dressing. I like this ranch spray. Just a few squirts is plenty to add a nice little blast of flavor to any sandwich without the guilt of mayo or horsey sauce etc... I also enjoyed a plum that was purchased at the Farm the other day. It was nice and crisp and sweet. I was stuffed!

Ann and I ran to Super Walmart today at lunch. I dislike Walmart in general very much but this trip was awesome. They sell four packs of Oiko's Greek yogurt for $4. Awesome price. I stocked up on that and purchased a few more items (Avocado, LOVE IT, chocolate animal crackers and some herbs and seasonings). Then we sped back to work.

My pre-workout afternoon snack was a handful of raw almonds with some grapes. Man, I love raw almonds. So tasty!

It was cardio day at the gym today, something I have been dreading since I woke up. Usually I'm all fired up and READY TO GO to the gym. Not today! I blame this weekend and the NO NO beers I consumed on Sunday. Stupid tasty beers! I curse you for your awesomeness! We were there for roughly an hour and were sweat covered, exhausted and WILD looking by the time we left. HA!

For dinner I took a leftover chicken breast from last night, chopped it up, seasoned it with a little bit of taco seasoning mix and reheated it on the stove for a few minutes. While the chicken was warming up I cut up some green onions, lettuce, red pepper and grape tomatoes. Using two (La Tortilla) tortillas, I made healthy quesadillas. I placed one in a large frying pan, topped it with fat free cheese, the taco flavored chicken, red peppers, green onion, a small amount of canned black beans and a little more cheese. I then placed the second tortilla on top and cooked it for just a few minutes on each side. When they were done I cut them with a pizza slicer and topped it with shredded lettuce, tomato, HOT mango habanero salsa and some fat free sour cream. I was craving Mexican Food today and this did the trick.

For a snack later I enjoyed a large cup of peach tee and some of those AMAZING chocolate animal crackers that I picked up at lunch. You can't even eat them without a smile on your face. YEAH! They are THAT good!

Now it's time to start season two of House MD. Can you believe we watched the whole first season in just a week? Insane. Anyways, goodnight everyone. Tomorrow is another day! ;)

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