Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thursdays are awesome! Want to know why? Because they're one step closer to Friday, that's why! They also mean Chest and Triceps day at the gym which as you all know, is my favorite. Have you ever seen those flying squirles they show on TV leaping and gliding from tree to tree. I bet I could have done that before I started working out. However, I'm proud to announce that my human wingspan is diminishing week by week. I always push myself on Thursdays so that I can completely "clip the wings back" if you will. No, my self body image is not the best but it's absurdly realistic. No, I am not pessimistic either. I love myself, which is why I'm working hard to make myself even better. :)

It's a gorgeous day here today. The sky has that fall like quality about it. Bright blue sky, fluffy white clouds everywhere with just a hint of dark grey here and there. I stare at it contently out of my window while I listen to the mind numbing hum of my computer. Under the florescent lights which illuminate office induced depression, I think, how the heck did I end up here? But in the same breath I think, thank goodness I have this job.

Alright, now on to some tasty type stuff. Breakfast today was an Arnold's Sandwich Thin topped with fat free strawberry preserves, sugar free applesauce on the side and my usual mega cup o' Joe. I'm really digging on these Arnold's Sandwich thins. I kept seeing them on blogs so I got some to try. Very good. And for someone who doesn't eat a whole lot of bread (not by choice, stupid Carb rules!) they work perfectly.

Lunch today was ridiculous. As in good. I would like to take a moment to highlight my favorite Greek Feta dressing? Full Circle Organic Greek Feta. I LOVE THIS STUFF!

I go crazy when I run out of it and immediately have to purchase another one. Sometimes I buy two just to be safe!! Lunch was a mix of spinach and romaine lettuce, black beans, Melba Bagel Snacks and two tablespoons of dressing. YUM! I also had some juicy and ripe cantaloupe on the side. They were super sweet! I got it at the farm the other day. I picked a good one I guess. Yay for me.

Ann and I ran to Aldis today for our break to grab some Fit And Active brand dried cherries. Such a good deal and absolutely delicious. I love them in salads or mixed in with cooked green beans or broccoli. Just as good as using dried cranberries but a little more tart and chewy.

For my afternoon snack I had the new ritualistic, heaping cup of LOVE! Oikos yogurt and a Kashi trail mix granola.

After work it was off to the gym. Ohhhh, feel the burn..... The workout was excellent. My triceps are on fire. You may think me crazy, but I love that feeling. My chest is a little sore as well. It's been a little sore all week actually. Most of me usually is. I think my body is still in shock from taking two years off and then getting back into it 50 days ago like I never stopped. The pain radiates through me but I consider it a daily reminder of a job well done.

For dinner I decided to cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts, brussel sprouts and red potato (just a little bit). I LOVE CHICKEN!!!! Everything turned out amazing. The chicken was juicy, the sprouts were cooked just right and the potato, which is something I barely allow myself to have, was superb. The chicken was seasoned with dill, salt and pepper. Simple is best in my opinion. I cut the sprouts in half, sprayed them with Pam and spray butter, added salt and pepper and cooked them on low heat with a lid till tender. I went the easy route on the potato. I poked some holes in it and tossed them in the microwave. It was getting late and I was hungry. SHHH! I also decided to make a tart sauce to pour over the chicken. I combined a little fat free strawberry preserves, a few dried cherries, orange juice and corn starch. I cooked it till the sauce thickened and poured this over the chicken. UHM..... WOW..... The flavor combo was very good. I think I added a bit too much corn starch though. The sauce was a bit thicker then I wanted. Trial and error I guess!

Then as if this amazing dinner wasn't enough, guess what? The Office is back. Oh Jim and Pam, I've missed you so! So now I must bid you goodnight. Nick and I are about to curl up under the blanket and indulge in some sappy and funny brilliance.

Also, wish me luck. I weigh in tomorrow morning. OMG, I had beer last Sunday!!! If it goes badly I know I will blame the beer. The tasty TASTY beer!

Goodnight!! ;)

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