Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday trance...

I'm like a zombie today. I think the long weekend is catching up to me. I'm tired, sore and I can't seem to get BRAINS off of my mind. It was one of those never ending days at work. Every hour seemed like three and every task felt painfully slow. And I woke up starving. I think my odd mix of food choices to avoid BBQ temptation may have been a poorly planned idea. Then again, it did keep me from consuming BAD food so who knows. Sacrifices right?

For breakfast today I had oats with blueberries, cinnamon, splenda and a cup of coffee. It was good, as usual. :)

For lunch I had a Flat Out Wrap with turkey, mild green peppers, spinach and a banana. I can't get enough of these green peppers. I have at least one every day.

Ann and I will probably visit the farm again soon and get more veggies and fruit. The stuff is so cheap and fresh. I'll make sure to take my camera next time, I promise!!

For my afternoon snack I had kiwi and a pear. The kiwi was so good but the pear was a little ripe.

It was Back and Biceps day at the gym today. Let me stress again how WEAK my stupid biceps are. They seem to be the most neglected body part at the moment because they get weak and burned out so quickly. SIGH! So annoying! I'm thinking about working them a bit during the week at home too. Nothing major. Just enough to get them stronger so that I can hang with Ann at the gym.

For dinner today I was on my own. Nick had leftover chili. I decided to make a hot wrap with sauted onions, mild peppers and a leftover chicken breast from the other day. I put this mixture into a Flat Out wrap and added a bit of fat free cheese then seared it in the pan to get it all nice and toasty. I also made my version of guacamole with one avocado, a clove of garlic chopped up super fine, a dash of lemon juice, salt, pepper and a tablespoon of fat free sour cream. I had this on the side. I LOVE AVOCADOS..... YEAH! Dinner was delicious.

And now I feel even more exhausted so I bid you goodnight.

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