Thursday, September 3, 2009

Avocado renegado

Why hello there. How's it going everyone? It's another gorgeous day here in AK-Rowdy Town. Don't ask, I think it's Akron's way of trying to sound cool! Not so sure that it's working though! Work was busy. But hey, what else is new. At least the sun is shining right? Moving on....

For breakfast today I had a very juicy grapefruit and an english muffin with fat free strawberry preserves. Weird combo with the sweet and bitter but it was pretty good overall.

For lunch I had a turkey wrap again with some spinach leaves, mild-hot yellow peppers and a yellow tomato. Fresh from the Farm and delicious!!

Then Ann and I ran to Scary Pier One. I say scary because I could go CRAZY UP IN THERE and blow a ton of money, you know, if I had a ton of money to blow. I only purchased a few clearance items (below). I find that when you make your food look tasty and fresh and vibrant and then serve it on a pretty plate or in a nice bowl, it tastes even better. So I felt the need to expand my flatware a bit. Also, look at this owl mug I found. OMG I love it! I will probably have some green tea in it later tonight!

For my afternoon snack I had apple cinnamon oatmeal with a banana. It was damn delicious I tell you!

It was my favorite day at the gym again. Chest and triceps day. For some reason Ann hates this day and I thrive on pushing myself most when we work these two areas. Not sure why. Perhaps because after I'm done waving, my arm keeps waving for a few additional seconds. So yeah, working my triceps is UP THERE on the importance list. ;)

For dinner I kept it simple again (I weight in tomorrow, EEEEEK) and had a left over grilled chicken breast, avocado, hot pepper and lettuce open faced sandwich with some green onions on the side. Yum. And yes, my breath is quite fowl right now. Oh, and please take special note of my new fancy plate. YEAH!

Can I just take a moment to speak passionately to you about my LOVE of avocados? I could eat them every day. Not only are they delicious, smooth, velvety and fresh, they are also incredibly good for you! They are bursting with healthy fat and flavor. Strangely enough I discovered them just over a year ago. I was SO BLIND before but now I see.... Now I see their magnificence and it is glorious!

I ended the night with a cup of green tea. IN MY NEW CUP! Fancy!


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