Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soggy Saturday...

Hi everyone. It's dreary, rainy, grey and cool here today. Everything looks gloomy and dull. I guess a day like today could be a downer unless you're able to look past the ugliness. I'm currently surrounded by candlelight, a fluffy blanket, a nice cup of tea and my kitty cat. It couldn't be cozier in my opinion. The ugly weather makes me enjoy an evening like this even more. Maybe I should pick out a nice movie to watch? YEAH, that sounds like a plan. Let me recap my brilliant and busy day for you first though.

My morning started out with an annoying wake up text from Ann... AGAIN... She wanted to know what time I wanted to meet her at the gym. Ann, I know you're reading this. I love you, but if you call me next Saturday and wake me up again I will kill you. :)

I stumbled downstairs, made myself a nice cup of coffee in my NEW and FREAKING FANTASTIC polka dot mug. I don't think I've mentioned this before but I have a slight polka dot and stripes obsession. And by slight, I mean INTENSE and SERIOUS! I'm instantly drawn to anything with either of those two designs. Clothes, plates, cups, picture frames, bowls. Honestly it doesn't matter what it is because I WILL WANT IT! HA!

I usually have my super tasty and filling pancakes on Saturday mornings but I decided to make an egg white and veggie scramble (minus cheese) this morning. It turned out really good but I think the veggie to egg white ratio was a bit much. I used green onions, mushrooms and broccoli. HEY! This stuff is filling as heck! I loved it!! I also had a slice of wheat toast on the side.

After breakfast I hurried up and changed for the gym. Ann was riding me like a bucking bronco to get out of the house already. Hey Ann, you're an impatient little maniac. BREATHE would ya? It's Saturday. ;) I got there MAYBE 20 minutes after we original agreed to meet. OHHHH..... I'M SO HORRIBLE HUH? I LOVE YOU ANN!

We worked our legs and abs today. For some reason I was super pumped today and had a lot of energy. I wish I could work out in the mornings every day. There is no way I could do this during the week though. I work 8-5 and about 20-25 minutes away from the gym. I refuse to wake up that early. I'm not what you call a "morning person". We were there for about and 1:30 and then called it a day.

I drove home in the crappy weather. I was hot as heck in the gym but as soon as I walked outside I was freezing. UGH. I need to invest in a hoodie or a light jacket for when I leave the gym. Stupid cool Ohio weather. I hate you! I decided to have a fruit, vanilla Oikos and vanilla Almond Breeze smoothie for lunch. I was still feeling full from breakfast so I didn't feel like making a fuss with lunch. I never make smoothies but thought, HEY, I keep seeing them on blogs and I want to try one! I used frozen strawberries and frozen peaches instead of fresh fruit and ice. OMG.... It was good. It tasted like something that I shouldn't be allowed to have but I AM ALLOWED! I almost had a hard time finishing it because it was so thick and filling.

After my lunch in a glass I cleaned up to go do some serious thrifting with Nick and Ann. She had lunch and then came over so we could check out the thrift store down the street. I was looking for a coat for fall and Nick and Ann were just looking for whatever. Nick has a slight obsession with BAD t-shirts. Ann got one shirt, I got NOTHING (typical) and he found 3 horrible (BAD) t-shirts and an equally disgusting sweater. Seriously, they are so bad!!! See two of them below for proof!!! The hard evidence may cause your eyes to bleed!

He likes to wear them when he's around his friends to see their reaction. Then again, these are the same people that had a Christmas Ugly Sweater party and took ridiculous looking "portrait" style photos of each other. OMG they were so amazing! This was about 6 months before I met him but I've seen the pictures. They're all crazy like that. HAHAHAHA! While at the thrift, he tried to talk me into buying a t-shirt with a retarded looking cat on it. It was wearing a huge ribbon bow, what looked like lipstick and it was watering potted plants with a watering can. Uhm..... NO! Though it would have been hilarious to wear it to the gym one day and act like nothing was up.

After we got back I relaxed for a bit. OH IT WAS SO NICE! I enjoyed a second cup of coffee and watched some recorded episodes of What Not To Wear. Guilty pleasure..... The stupid show makes me want to burn my closet, go shopping and chop all my hair off. Nick would kill me! He loves my long hair. :-O

For dinner I decided to make oven baked fries, brussel sprouts with mushrooms and pan seared chicken tenders. I sprayed the fries with a bit of Pam and topped them of with chili powder to add a nice burst of flavor. I seasoned the tenders and the sprout/mushroom mixture with Pam, spray butter, sea salt, pepper and oregano. I wanted to keep them simple. I'm not sure if you've noticed but I try to use as little olive oil as humanly possible. Actually I can't remember the last time I used any at all. Pam and spray butter are my saviours. Dinner turned out fantastic!!! I was starving. The shake I had at lunch had me full for a while but that fullness passed a LOOOOONG time ago.

For a snack a bit later I had a small glass of vanilla Almond Breeze and a handfull of raw almonds. I love almonds!!!

WOW, it's before 11:00 pm and I'm done writing this blog? This is absurd! I better take full advantage of this extra time and paint my toenails or something. HA! Goodnight everyone.

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