Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bruise you lose.

HEEEEEEEEEY! Miss me? Oh I bet you did!

So I keep finding bruises in weird spots. Like all over my legs, upper arms, back. WHAT THE HECK! I guess this is what you call "pushing yourself to the limit" at the gym aye? I guess my delicate skin can't handle the equipment. I NEED TO GET TOUGHER!

You know what else I need? A vacation! To anywhere that requires a trip and at least one overnight stay. Though 5-6 would be preferable. I haven't had a vacation in about 5 years. And the last few I had before that weren't very fantastic either. What the heck am I working for so hard you know? I can't even allow myself a freaking break. Sometimes I feel like kicking my own ass. I would love to take a long road trip out west. Go on a cruise. Visit New York at Christmas. (By the way, I LOVE CHRISTMAS... HECK YEAH I DO!) Anyways... I need a break, that's all I'm saying.

RANDOMNESS: I call this the find the Splenda game. Where is it. Where are you my precious?

Ahhh, there you are. I love you!

On to delicious things. For breakfast today I had a decadent, creamy, sweet, and seductive Oikos yogurt cup topped with a Kashi trail mix granola bar. PEOPLE! IT WAS SO TASTY. I sang a song and cried a little while slowly enjoying each and every single spoonful. I may just have to have the same breakfast tomorrow. I don't know. I'm not sure I'll be able to resist.

Lunch today was so filling that I couldn't even finish it. It was a turkey, spinach, red pepper and yellow tomato La Tortilla Wrap. I had the tomato and red peppers that didn't fit into the wrap on the side. I was STUFFED!

My actual lunch break today was DULL and I refuse to bore you with the details. So to keep it short, there was a car ride, a quick sprint into a barely open old mall, a 5 minute run through a half empty store and a car ride back. OH, EXCITING!

My afternoon snack was a bunch of grapes with a banana. Simple? Yes! Good? Indeed!

It was back and biceps day at the gym today. AND I WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE that I was able to do more reps with the weak and pathetic biceps today then usual. This was very exciting. We worked out for about an hour and twenty minutes and then called it a day. It was a good workout!

I was drawing a complete blank for dinner today. So found myself reaching for the magical frozen bag of Morning Star Farms ground "meat". I had an Avocado I was dying to eat so I decided to make a loaded burrito of sorts. I cooked the Morning Star Farms with green onions, taco seasoning, cayenne (I LOVE CAYENNE) and black beans. I stuffed this inside a La Tortilla Wrap, topped it with shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Avocado and a little fat free sour cream. I then took a bite and patted myself on the back. Well done Ildie. Well done indeed. It's like closing your eyes, and sitting in a Mexican restaurant, without the guilt, or the delicious lime on the rocks margaritas. But I'll live. It was good!

Now I need to get some snuggle time in, so get, get out of here. Get out of here and have a good night already. :)

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