Monday, September 7, 2009


Well hello there. Today was another busy and fun day. In all honesty, I'm sort of glad it's over though. I've been on the go since 9:00 am this morning and we got home at about 10:00 pm. It feels nice to finally curl up on the couch with my magical laptop and relax for a bit.

For breakfast I had an egg white and fat free cheese quesadilla with hot salsa on the side and small batch of grapes. It was good and not as messy as having a drippy breakfast burrito. I was full for hours.

I met Ann at the gym at about 10:30 am for our beloved (I'm lying) cardio day. I mixed it up a bit this time though and worked my abs as well. I think my thorough description yesterday as to why this is important was crystal clear. FANNY PACK! After the gym I hurried home, cleaned myself up and got ready to go to a cookout at Nick's Aunt Lori's house. They were having a BBQ full of food I can't have so I made myself a small salad with chicken breast, garbanzo beans, yellow tomato, spinach, red pepper flakes and sun-dried tomato dressing.

Then it was off to the cookout. I love this womans house. She has such an inviting backyard. It's very welcoming and warm and bursting with flowers and personal touches.

The smell of burgers and sausages was thick in the air. Oh my, the drool was flowing. I was watching the cheese melt slowly on the patties and instantly fell into a trance. MMMM.... Potato salad, macaroni salad, bacon and beans, FREAKING carrot cake! UGH! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! The salad before we left was tasty but I was still a bit hungry. So I grabbed a plate and had the following. And yes, I WAS very proud of myself.

By the way Ann, Nick was wearing his FAMOUS Golden Retriever T-shirt. I took this picture just for you. HA HA!

We were there for about 3 hours and then it was off to visit Nick's dad at their new lake house. The place is in such a pretty location. This was my first time visiting. Once again there was more food, but I was PREPARED! I took a fruit salad and a granola bar with me in order to avoid temptation. YEAH!

We played some cornhole (we lost) and then check this out. I WAS FISHING! LOOK! THAT'S ME HOLDING A FISHING ROD! Can you believe it?

Of course I made Nick put the worm on. I can't stand worms!!!! There was no way I would touch one!!! NO WAY!

And then wait, it gets better. I was the only one to catch a fish. HA HA HA HA!!! I DID IT! I'M SO AWESOME! :) We threw him back though. He was too little and it made me sad.

And this "thing" was swimming around in the water too. What the heck is this thing?? They lovingly named it Turkey Duck Boy. I can see why. ODD creature.

When we got home I was still a bit hungry so I made a quick snack of Laughing Cow cheese and some Bagel Crisps. It did the trick....

Now it's time to call it a night so goodnight everyone. Talk to you tomorrow.

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