Friday, September 18, 2009

Prune plum pandemonium.

Happy Friday my lovelies. Today was a good day. No real work drama, no stress, no problems. Every day should be this easy peasey. I just got done making a hot steaming latte with fat free caramel syrup and I'm about to curl up on the couch to watch my recorded episode of So You Think You Can Dance. EXCITED. I realize that it's 9:30 PM but I was craving coffee. Consider a celebratory beverage for losing weight again. Down another 1.8 lbs. YEAH FOR ME! I can guarantee that I will regret this later. Lattes are so easy to make. Add about 1/4 cup of milk into your cup (large cup) and microwave till hot. Whip it up by rolling a whisk between your palms till frothy. Add the caramel syrup (or syrup of choice) and sugar and pour in the coffee. Done, done, done and delicious!

Now to recap my day. Breakfast was seriously delicious. It was so good in fact that I made Ann come into my office and forced her to taste it. Her reaction matched mine. It tasted very similar to the delectably decadent Hungarian plum dumplings (szilvas gombóc) we grew up on. Hungarians eat this like a main course yet it tastes like dessert. SO GOOD. It's potato dough that's filled with sugar and cinnamon coated prune plums and then boiled and rolled in cinnamon sugar breadcrumbs. I only recommend using prune plums. Too bad you can't buy them year round!

Here is a picture of the moist, rich and indulgent plum dumpling for your drooling pleasure. Hungarians are so brilliant. Clearly! :)

Now for my healthy mock version. I made it with old fashioned oats, cinnamon, splenda, fat free strawbery preserves and cut up prune plums. Let me reiterate one more time, this was GOOD!

Lunch was also tasty today. Must have been in a good mood while packing my little polkadot cooler this morning. Pat on the back for me. YEAH. I had jalapeno hummus with turkey, carrots, green peppers and Melba bagel crackers. It was tasty and the hummus was good and spicy. Spicy + Ildie = LOVE!

For our break away from the office today Ann I went to scary Marc's. Why scary? Have you ever been to a Marc's? I doubt I need to explain!! They had some good deals on a few items so Ann and I braved the insanity. Creepy elders were roaming wild. Carts were being pushed violently into things and I swear I couldn't make it down a single isle without having to bust out my ninja moves to climb around or over an obstacle. Some idiot asked us twice (yes twice) if we were sisters. WTF? Nope, we just look almost exactly alike and have the same exact eyes and smile. Thanks for asking. Thanks for asking by produce as well as in the pasta isle. Like we would have given a different answer the second time? My reaction to this innocent query may come as a shock so let me elaborate. Ann and I get asked this ridiculous question so often that it's turned into a joke. An annoying joke that refuses to go away. It doesn't matter where we go, people feel the need to ask. Maybe it's just me but if I see two people that look a lot alike that I don't know, I will not interrupt their conversation rudely and ask them if they are related. Who does this? People at scary Marc's I guess. :)

For my afternoon snack today I had (yep, you guessed it) Oiko's Greek yogurt with a Kashi trail mix granola bar. I realize this repetition may be boring you, but I don't care. I LOVE IT!

After work I hit up the grocery store then flew home. As those of you who read this blog regularly already know, Friday's are Taco Salad Night in my house! We can't get enough of this stuff. I made the usuals. Healthy vegan for me...

Regular beefy greasy for him. Look how much he loves it. He made a taco sauce smiley face!

I'd now like to share a little song with you about my beloved taco salad...

Oh sweet salad, taco salad.
I wrote you this ballad.
Spicy layers, fresh and free.
Each bite makes me cry with glee.
Salsa, lettuce, tomato and beans.
A delicious pile of vegan greens.
So many options, so versatile.
Taco salad you make me smile.

For my evening snack I had the caramel latte I was yapping about above with some chocolate animal crackers. OH tasty, decadent, chocolaty elephant. I will bite your head off and chew it vigorously with a smile on my face. This stuff is so good! HA!

Ok, now it's time to press play on my DVR and get to crying with some So You Think You Can Dance. Yes, the show makes me cry sometimes. I cry easily though when watching TV. When I say easily, I mean that I've actually been caught crying even during stupid commercials. What can I say? I guess I'm in touch with my sensitive side. (By the way, it's already on in the background, and yes, I'm already crying. HA!)

Enjoy your Friday night beautiful people. Goodnight. ;)

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